The Land Management Bureau (LMB), together with the National Capital Region – Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines (NCR-GEP), the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, (TESDA), and Mechatronics Technologies Corp. initiated a preparatory meeting on the Establishment of Certificate Course for Survey Instrument and Survey Aide last September 7, 2016 at the LMB Director’s Conference Room.

With OIC-Assistant Director Engr. Henry P. Pacis and Engr. Warlito G. Quirimit, Head of the Land Administration and Management System-National Coordinating Desk (LAMS-NCD), and representatives from the Geodetic Surveys Division (GSD) Mr. Hernani del Mundo and Mr. Michael Constantino, and Engr. Shirley Fungo and Engr. Jerbee Baggay from the Land Management Division (LMD), the meeting generally revolved around concerns on necessity of professionalizing the certification of survey instruments and aides to establish competency, skills and demand in surveying work.

In photo – Clockwise (Top Left) Engr. Wilfredo Veluz, President of NCR-GEP, (Top Center) Engr. Pacis and Engr. Quirimit, (Top Right) Mr. Wyndell Metica, Head, Technical Department, and Mr. Jaime Umali, Consultant, from Mechatronics Tech. Corp., (Bottom Right) Engr. Fungo and Engr. Baggay from LMD, and (Bottom Left) Mr. Mark Dubouzet from Mechatronics Tech. Corp., Mr. Constantino and Mr. del Mundo from GSD.

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