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The Land Management Bureau (LMB), in the promotion of transparency and good public service, conducted their 3rd Quarter Assessment last October 11-13, 2016 at the Torre Venezia Suites, Quezon City. It was participated by the Division Chiefs, Key Officials, and Action Officers with the aim to review the targets and accomplishments of each LMB Division, Unit and Project. According to the reports, the Bureau generated a rating of 91% total accomplishment.

Ms. Gina F. Pascua, OIC-Chief, Land Planning and Policy Division (LPPD) delivered the Rationale and Objectives, and emphasized the need to identify the possible factors that results to the apparent disconnect between the financial status and physical output of LMB in some of the stages of tabulating the Bureau’s accomplishments. To determine the cause of the gap, the three-day assessment intends to determine if 90% of the annual target will be accomplished by November 30, 2016 and will be totally accomplished at the end of the year. Each LMB Division Chief, Unit Head, and Project Manager defended their targets and accomplishments.

3rdQuarterAssessment 2

The first day of the assessment is marked by the presentation of 2016 Accomplishment, the second day with a Workshop on the 2017 Work and Financial Plan (WFP) and the third day by Procurement Planning for CY 2017.

Ms. Pascua underscored the importance of identifying priorities, rationalizing activities, and setting targets based on the capabilities of each Division, and imparted that the preparation of the Work and Financial Plan (WFP) for 2017 requires focus on priorities and proper allocation of resources. Planning designates must appropriate their targets according to what their Division is adept of.

Ms. Emelita R. Mendoza, Head, Project Development and Evaluation Section of LPPD highlighted the issues and concerns that marked LMB this year 2016, such as the delayed processing of documents due to lack of necessary requirements, lax observance of office protocols, and frontliners’ awareness of clients’ needs and provision of assistance to name a few. In an issue of a low turnout of scanning activities, Engr. Victor Balde, Chief, Records and Knowledge Management Division (RKMD) informed that the remaining documents left to scanned will be finished by December and that there are two bidders involved in the bidding, with one to file a Motion for Reconsideration due to a disqualification.

For the Gender and Development (GAD) Plan, the problem of the unachieved plan lies on its inexistent endorsement to the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) by the DENR. It is hoped that in 2017, the plan will be approved.

On the presentation of the WFP 2017, Mr. Alex C. Pascua, Chief, Administrative Support Staff extended his support for the Bureau to adapt the 2012 salary standardization rates, especially for the benefit of contractual government employees.

During the Procurement Planning, the topic of the Bureau’s elevator was discussed, and Mr. Pascua said that the allotted 15 million fund falls short in the proposal to make the elevator serviceable to the whole building. He suggested instead to prioritize the state of the Bureau’s power supply, which is located at the basement and prone to the harsh elements such as rainfall and flooding. Ms. Alicia T. Robles, CLAMP Manager, also raised the prospect of hiring a programmer and developing a system for the LMB e-Library.

"We must utilize our resources. Divisions with problems or shortages in their accomplishments can have assistance from other Divisions, especially with promoted employees." LMB Acting Director Atty. Talabis advised the participating LMB Division Chiefs, Unit Heads, Project Managers, Key Officials, and Action Officers during the assessment.

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