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In 1995, the Gender and Development (GAD) Budget Policy was implemented, mandating all government agencies, local government units (LGUs) and later on state universities and other institutions to apportion at least five percent (5%) of their total budget for GAD programs and projects. The Land Management Bureau (LMB), a staff bureau of the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is one of the staunch advocates of women inclusion and empowerment in the workplace, spearheading programs aiming to reduce ‘gender bias’, such as the implementation of Gender Sensitivity Trainings (GST) for employees, Revision of Forms and seminars concerning Gender-Fair Language among others in the past years.

For 2017, the GAD Program was transferred from the Center for Land Administration and Management – Philippines (CLAMP), to the Land Policy and Planning Division (LPPD). Ms. Maria Gina F. Pascua, OIC-Chief, LPPD is designated as the permanent GAD Focal Person, with Ms. Alicia T. Robles, the former chairperson as Alternate.

For this year, South Signal Village in Taguig City was chosen as the partner LGU, intertwining initiative with the projects of the Land Management Division (LMD) with regards to land disposition under Proclamation No. 172. Several men and women of Taguig, led by Barangay Captain Michelle Ann M. Odevilas, participated in the LMB Kickoff Activity last March 7, 2017. In her Message of Thanks, Ms. Odevilas shared her story as chairwoman of the barangay, as a wife, mother, and how to be a good example and inspiration to women. Together with the citizens of South Signal Village, they also attended the Forum in Land Titling which discussed solutions to unintentional change of lot numbers of the beneficiaries, taxes in land titling and fees, legal positions and family dispositions in lot arrangements, and verification of lots among others.

Proclamation No. 172, signed by then President Corazon Aquino provides that certain portions of land, identified as the Barangays Lower Bicutan, Upper Bicutan, Western Bicutan and Signal Village situated in Taguig (then a municipality) to be declared open for disposition.

            Specific gender issues identified are the Taguig women’s “lack of information about their rights to own residential lots they have been occupying for decades”, low interest on the submission of requirements, deemed “cumbersome” by the applicants, experienced delays in verifying and “processing applications especially to women applicants with special circumstances”. It is also identified the Policy and Action Committees (PAC) lack information on the Family Code provisions.

Celebration of National Women’s Month: Kick-off Activity

March 7, 2017

Kick-Off Celebration Women’s Month 2017


          A forum on land titling, moderated by Engr. Shirley Fungo, Head, Taguig Unit and Engr. Jerbee Baggay from the Land Management Division (LMD) where the participants asked questions related to their concerns in land titling.



Consultation on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Taguig

March 20, 2017

          To inform the South Signal Village citizens of the procedure for the speedy resolution of cases, the conduct of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Atty. Rodel Taton, Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) answered the issues and concerns of the citizens together with the LMB-Legal Division Chief, Atty. Marlou P. Alutaya and Ms. Alicia T. Robles gave the Opening Remarks.


Culminating Activity

March 28, 2017

          The Culminating Activity was graced by Undersecretary Analiza Rebuelta-Teh, Chairperson, National GAD Focal Point System. In her speech, she addressed the LMB employees, commending their efforts on gender-related projects and programs in the land sector.

          “The land sector is very near and dear to my heart. We have to improve the Work and Financial Plan (WFP) for GAD and the annual budget. Together with the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), we consider the equal participation of both men and women.”

          USEC. Teh calls for the involvement of both men and women, the deliberate capacity-building and development program, and promotion and selection within the department.


Training on Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines and Gender Sensitivity

March 28-30, 2017

          Last March 28-30, 2017, Key Officials and Action Officers attended a three (3) day Training on Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) and Gender Sensitivity for GAD Focal Point System (GADFPS) with Ms. Socorro Feliciano as the Resource Person.


Magna Carta of Women and Family Code

March 31, 2017


          For the benefit of the women of South Signal Village, an Orientation on the Magna Carta of Women and Salient Feature of the Family Code was conducted, with Atty. Marlou P. Alutaya, OIC-Chief, Legal Division as the Resource Person. Forty women participated, led by Barangay Captain Michelle Ann M. Odevilas.