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LMB orients Pilot ProvincesIn line with the implementation of Gender and Development Plan, the Land Management Bureau (LMB) initiated a census on the pilot area, specifically South Signal Village, Taguig City. South Signal is one of the mandated areas under the Proclamation No. 172 for land disposition. The objective of the census is to create an inventory about the beneficiaries who have applied, and are yet to apply, to see the improvement of application in Taguig

The OIC-Chief of the Land Policy and Planning Division (LPPD) and Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point Ms. Maria Gina F. Pascua highlighted the importance of land titling to the beneficiaries.

The participants were grouped into three (3) Focus Group Discussions FGDs) namely the (1) titled group, those who already have their land titled at hand, (2) those who are still undergoing land title processing, and (3) those who are yet to apply. According to the given testimonies of those who were already able to get their land titles, the average processing time is one year, and the impact of titling has benefited their children, and they were able to conduct tenant, occupancy and other land-related businesses, as well as various opportunities were opened to them.

The discussion for the group of interested applicants was moderated by Ms. Susan Remedios from the Records and Knowledge Management Division (RKMD) and those with ongoing applications consulted Engr. Jerbee          Baggay, Ms. Merly Germino and Ms. Jovita Hernando, from the Land Management Division (LMD)