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The Land Administration and Management System National Coordinating Desk (LAMS NCD) of the Land Management Bureau (LMB) facilitated a two (2) – day discussion and review of the output from the LAMS Data Capture by administration held last April 11 – 12, 2018 at Hotel H20, Luneta, Manila. This was participated by the officials and representatives from LMB as well as the Regional LAMS Coordinator, Regional Records Officer and selected Records Officer from PENRO/CENRO of Regions 1, 3, 8, 9 and NCR.


In the opening remarks, Engr. Henry P. Pacis said, “in spite of the delays in the nationwide data capture of all land records by outsourcing, the LMB had come up with a solution to capture records by administration.” He reminded participants that the vision of this activity is not just to computerize the records rather, to have a ground accurate maps as overlayed in satellite image. Also, cleansing the database will take long process hence, he added that “We need people who understands where we want to go and who will be dedicated enough for your own Region’s sake to make this happen”, as one of the keys to success. Expertise and dedication were also emphasized.

Participants from the events

Engr. Warlito G. Quirimit presented the rationale and objectives of the event. This was pursuant to the instruction of the Assistant Secretary for Staff Bureaus, Forester Ricardo L. Calderon to document and gather the lessons of the Regions who conducted and completed the data capture by administration. This is to showcase the strategies/experiences of different Regions on the completion of their work.