The Land Management Bureau (LMB) commemorated its 115th Anniversary last September 2, 2016 at the Hotel Rembrandt, Quezon City with the theme “#LMB@115: Sustaining Land Management Reforms”. The event was attended by LMB employees and retirees, DENR Central and Regional Office officials, and distinguished and esteemed partners that continued to support the Bureau in its goal to sustainably implement reforms within the land sector.


LMB PRIDE | Clockwise. (Top Left and Right) LMB Acting Director Atty. Emelyne V. Talabis and OIC-Assistant Director Engr. Henry P. Pacis commended the effort of LMB employees both past and present that have kept the Bureau alive and the institution it is known today. (Bottom Left and Right) Regional Director of Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) Engr. Ralph C. Pablo and Former Undersecretary for Policy, Planning and Foreign Assisted Programs, Mr. Manuel D. Gerochi delivered their Anniversary greetings. They were both former LMB Directors.

Usec Adobo

KEYNOTE | Undersecretary for Administration and Information Systems Atty. Ernesto D. Adobo, Jr. delivered the keynote address.

The celebration highlights the formal launching of the Land Administration and Management System (LAMS) and its new features in the latest version, LAMS Philippines ver. 4.5. This makes surveys and public land applications (PLAs) easier and transparent to the public. In her closing address, LMB Acting Director Atty. Emelyne V. Talabis acknowledged the support of the DENR family in the implementation of LAMS nationwide. This year’s theme is apt for the Bureau attempts to not lag behind the times and intends to utilize fully the capacities of currently available technologies.

After the traditional Thanksgiving Mass, Engr. Henry P. Pacis led the opening remarks that the Anniversary does not simply mark more than a century of existence of the Bureau but also recognizes the efforts of employees in their continued public services. He also presented the accomplishments of LMB in the first semester, citing the importance of the adoption of computerized Inspection, Verification and Approval of Land Surveys (IVAS).

Various DENR officials graced the event which includes former LMB Director and current DENR-CAR RD Engr. Ralph C. Pablo, DENR-Region 1 ARD Engr. Pedro L. Noble and OIC-ARD for Technical Services Ms. Gwendolyn Bambalan, DENR-Region 2 OIC-ARD for Management Services Atty. Gil Aromin, DENR-Region 3 RD Mr. Francisco E. Milla, Jr., DENR-IV-A RD Reynulfo A. Juan, DENR-NCR RD Ms. Lourdes Wagan, and DENR-Region 12 RD Mr. Datu Tungkol M. Saikol.

Mr. Demetrio L. Ignacio Jr., Undersecretary for Staff Bureaus, applauded the long history of the Bureau, citing the late President Diosdado Macapagal as one of the notable LMB employees. Echoing the insights of DENR Secretary Gina Lopez, the impact of the Bureau’s activities to its clients must be taken into consideration since one of the top three projects of the DENR is the completion of the cadastral survey. Mr. Marlo D. Mendoza, OIC, Undersecretary for Policy and Planning, emphasized the accomplishments and significance of the Bureau for individual families waiting for their patent resolution of land conflicts. Mr. Marcial C. Amaro Jr., Assistant Secretary for Field Operations commented that the very efficient and transparent verification of land records brings in an interesting and important time for LMB. Forest Management Bureau (FMB) Director Ricardo Calderon underscored the momentous effect of giving awards to top performing regions concerning LAMS and lauded the exemplary performance of the Bureau.

Launching of LAMS Philippines

The anniversary highlighted the launching of the latest version and new features of LAMS Philippines. The LAMS Philippines is composed of four components: IVAS, Public Land Application (PLA), eSurveyPlan, and Client Transaction Monitoring (CTM). Under the CTM are the Web Transaction Tracking System (TTS), LAMS Kiosk, and the Client Short Messaging Service (SMS) System where the latter was conceptualized by the Assistant Secretary Daniel Darius Nicer.

In order to showcase the operationalization of LAMS Philippines in the Region, the activities from DENR Regions IV-B and CAR were livestreamed to the audience. The Regions that showed exemplary performance in the use of LAMS Philippines in their operations were awarded and recognized. Five awards were given namely: Completion of Land Records Data Capture, outstanding LAMS Coordinator, submission through e-Survey Plan Award, LAMS IVAS, and Top Performing Region.


RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY | A booth was prepared by LAMS-NCD and MIS personnel to formally present the latest version of LAMS Philippines. Atty. Ernesto D. Adobo, Jr. and Undersecretary Jonas R. Leones led the ceremony.

The DENR–NCR was recognized for the Completion of Land Records Data Capture, by administration last year, received by RD Ms. Lourdes Wagan; Engr. Ariel S. Bello won the Outstanding LAMS Coordinator award which was received by the OIC - ARD for Tech Ms. Gwendolyn Bambalan of Region I, e-Survey Plan category won by Region IX, award accepted by LAMS Coordinator Engr. Miguela Villarubia; LAMS IVAS handed to Region XII, acknowledged by RD Mr. Datu Tungko Saikol; and the overall Top Performing Region Award was bagged by Region IV-A, received by RD Reynulfo A. Juan.


AWARDEES | Recipients of awards were recognized for their contributions in furthering the reach of LAMS and its accomplishments in land management and service.

Partners and Loyalty Awardees

In recognition of LMB’s partnership with different organizations and agencies, the occasion also served as venue for strengthening our bond with the distinguished and esteemed partners such as the Philippine National Police (PNP), the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Department of Education (DepEd), the DENR Lawyers Guild, Sylvatrop, Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF), Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines Incorporated (GEPI), and the City of Taguig.

Furthermore, the employees that have rendered service for 25-30 years were given Loyalty Award, totaling to 25 LMB employees. The oldest living retiree, Engr. Felix U. Maquinto, was also acclaimed.


WORKING RELATIONS | The Bureau acknowledges the relationships forged with various LGUs and agencies over time geared toward the improvement of services in the land sector.

LMB Innovation Month

The month of August was declared as an Innovation Month for the Bureau. The LMB Innovation Team came up with the activities, namely: the On-the-Spot Essay Writing Contest and the Innovation per Division. Winners of the said contests were announced and awarded during the Anniversary celebration.

The On-the-Spot Essay Writing Contest was held last August 26, 2016 at the LMB-CLAMP Conference Room. Mr. Aldrich Lou N. Colangan from the Administrative Support Staff and Finance Unit got First Place with his essay entitled “Do you Dare Move Forward LMB?”. Ms. Fatima Joy Pajo from the Records and Knowledge Management Division (RKMD) took close second and Ms. Jo Aleen Nicole T. Ortega from the Land Policy and Planning Division (LPPD) bagged third place. Each of them was awarded with a certificate and a token of appreciation.


As for the Innovation per Division contest, RKMD bagged both the Social and Operational Innovation category with their proposals ‘Employee of the Month’ and ‘LMB Hotline Service’ respectively. The Legal Division broke RKMD’s possible streak by taking the Technological Innovation with their ‘Speed Docket Unit’.