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Do you Dare Move Forward LMB?

By Aldrich Lou N. Colangan

Accounting and Finance Section – Administrative Support Staff

(First-Place Winning Entry of LMB Innovation Team On-the-Spot Essay Writing Contest 2016)

In this constantly changing world bombarded with social changes, moral variations, constant innovations and of course technology. How can 115 year old government agency change and innovate? What is Land Management Bureau, Five Years from Now?

On that first day that I arrived at the doorstep of this reputable institution the Land Management Bureau, I was astonished at how old this building is, even older than I am. Never did I imagine that I will be part of this agency. An agency that has been there for the long time, an agency that keep on serving the people, a morally upright institution with the willingness to serve the masses with a good heart. As I venture my journey as a government employee and a public servant I get to know the people behind LMB. The Director, Assistant Director, Division and Unit Chiefs, my coworkers and even kuya Security Guard and the Utility Workers. People with good and positive attitude, with good work ethics, and people who are approachable and helpful. And the best thing is the smile I always see in their faces that makes this institution a conducive work place and a spot for good public service. I know I’m with the good guys, this people are blessings not just to me but to the people that Land Management Bureau serve. This institution will continue to grow, develop and will move further forward, giving the best service we have as long as there are people with a heart of pure public service who are willing to serve and will stick to this agency.

There are a lot of questions bugging my mind from time to time, questions that dare to be answered one by one as my stay in Land Management Bureau goes by. Questions of change, questions of learning, questions of innovation, and question about the future. What is Land Management Bureau five years from now? Changes are all around us it will never stop whether you like it or not. Even if you don’t move the world will still turn and won’t wait for you to move forward, we need to move faster than the world! Same is true to our institution the Land Management Bureau. Our agency needs to move, it needs to go further, it should dare to innovate and beat the odds, Land Management Bureau should move faster than the world turns!

2021 is a year of pure technology and global competitiveness. A year where Land Management Bureau is fully equipped with modern technology. It is more innovative and highly competitive Agency in terms of modern knowledge, ideas and of course giving high class services to the masses we serve without disremembering the values an ethics of a good public servant. I foresee that today is the start of innovation, the start of something good, and the start of a change. In every division I see the perseverance and initiative, a good starting point of innovation and a realization of highly competitive world class Land Management Bureau in 2021.

What are the changes in the processes of every division in the Land Management Bureau? Highly automated software are used and are being implemented in 2021. Software or programs in keeping all the records of the bureau safer than paper form. Very innovative and high tech computer programs for easy record keeping and tracing of all the records like land patents and what not. This system will highly increase the productivity of the Bureau and will give a lot of smile to clients we serve. Electronic accounting system is also implemented in the 2021 for high automation the eNGAS or the Electronic National Government Accounting System. This accounting system will make the record keeping and flow of accounting data a lot easier to do. In just a minute all accounting process will be off the road. The Geodetic Survey Division are also equipped with technological equipment for their job on land measurement and mapping, using high caliber geographical gadgets like the remote control aerial cameras and what not . All the computers are linked together into one computer system for easy communication. The transfer of files will be a lot easier in 2021, for this computer system can be of great help in the file and record keeping and the transfer of every documents and transactions from one division to another.

I often ask myself how Land Management Bureau would look like in 2021. Innovation and Changes is a Good thing but there are a lot of things that should still remain the same. The building where the Land Management Bureau is located here in Plaza Cervantes is a bit old. But the memories, the legacy and even the smile were installed in our hearts and minds. In 2021 Land Management Bureau is fully equipped with modern facilities like computer system, proper air conditioning, and all other facilities that will give convenience to the workers and also to the clients that our institution serves. The building is preserved and restored to its former appearance in order to keep the legacy of the Land Management Bureau to the next generation.

I see a beauty in the future of this Institution, a future we the employees of the Land Management Bureau are waiting to see. An innovation where ALL of us needs to work on. A constant movement to excellence that will lead the bureau to be a World Class Public Servant Institution. This is a Team Game, a game that all of us must aim. This advancement to excellence will only work if all of us are yearning for change. The Beauty of Innovation is in our hands.

I started with a question and I will end it with one. Do you dare to move forward and move faster than earth turns? Or will you be left out doing nothing? Do you want to be part of this Beautiful Future of Land Management Bureau? You decide.