Challenges to Opportunities: LMB marks 119th Anniversary under “New Normal”

A different approach has been made to mark the celebration of Land Management Bureau’s 119th anniversary this year. This year’s celebration focuses on sustaining responsive public service under the so-called “new normal.” Amidst the difficulties posted by the CoVID-19 Pandemic, the Land Management Bureau (LMB) explored new windows to better reach out and communicate with the public.


The highlight of this year’s anniversary celebration of LMB was the launching of “Talakayang Panlupa” on the Bureau’s Official Facebook Page. This online talk show program aims to discuss matters pertaining to lands, as well as give public information about the status of LMB programs as mandated by law. Moreover, it also seeks to answer general and commonly asked questions by the public. In these days, what better way to connect to the people than the social media?

Talakayang Panlupa consisted of 4 episodes for the month of September, aired every Wednesday at 10:00 AM, in which its Pilot episode was aired on September 9, 2020. During the live programs, viewers had the chance to raise questions using the Facebook Live comment section which land experts answered real time before the program ends.


Considering the success of this program, with 175% increase in Facebook followers and broader social media engagements, Talakayang Panlupa undoubtedly strengthen public’s awareness about the bureau. With this, LMB plans to continue airing this online talk show on the coming months and make it as a platform to communicate with its clients and the public.

Furthermore, as part of its 119th anniversary, LMB also spearheaded a donation drive last October 1, 2020 at Quezon City General Hospital. In coordination with DENREU-LMB and LMB Innovation Team, 200 pieces of packed lunch were distributed to medical frontliners as a way to show gratitude for their hardwork. In addition, food packs were also distributed to LMB drivers, security guards, and floor managers as they were also considered as frontline staff.

Lastly, an effort to revive the LMB Lands Journal was also made through careful planning and analysis in coordination with LMB Center for Land Administration and Management Philippines (CLAMP), LMB management, and DENR Human Resource and Development Section (HRDS). Through this Lands Journal, articles relating to Lands and the environment will be published to assist researchers and give information to readers.

Indeed, this year’s anniversary marks a new milestone for the Land Management Bureau in successfully transforming challenges into opportunities to ensure public service and public trust in this time of new normal.

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By Martin Lorenzo O. Alba